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Harish Johari pauses in his slide narration to show us what he's wearing around his neck: a diamond, hessonite, and cat's eye. "Some credit for my knowledge of gems goes to my family name Johari, which literally means 'the one who knows about jawharat, or gems.'

I remember that when I was a very young boy, my Urdu teacher recited a Persian verse whenever he saw me: 'The value of a diamond is known to a king, or the Jauhari knows it.' "The Kurma Purana states that gems were created from the seven different kinds of rays of light emanating from the seven major planets of our solar system," continues this Jauhari, who wrote what he knew about precious gems in "The Healing Power of Gemstones".

The book presents yet another aspect of Ayurveda, another tool for tantra: the practical and astrological relationships between the major planets and the gemstones, such as Sun/ruby, Mars/coral, Jupiter/yellow sapphire, Venus/diamond.

Harish Johari wears a diamond because he is born in May, which is ruled by Venus. He wears hessonite because it's the gemstone of the north node of the moon, whose influence on Johari will last 18 years. And he's sporting cat's eye because it corresponds to his destiny number, seven, which is numerologically derived from the digital total of his birth date.

Gemstone astrology is an astute and detailed science, says Harish Johari. As with other aspects of ayurveda, its' mastery can promote health and clarity and the sense of harmonious synchrony with cosmic, planetary, and personal energies. "If people know about gemstones, they can help themselves without relying on synthetic vitamins and supplements. Gemstones have real energy. They are chemicals but in a more purified form. All gems contain the nine essential minerals needed by the body."

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Seema JohariExtract from "Ayurveda's Renaissance Man", interview with Harish Johari taken by Richard Leviton for Yoga Journal, issue July/August 1991.

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