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Home remedies for Constipation
constipation is mostly a matter of wrong lifestyle.

In case of chronic constipation a lifestyle change is necessary :

Extracted from "Dhanwantari", which also contains other Ayurveda home remedies for constipation, but with those above you can solve all but the worst cases. Click here for all extracts from this book.

Extract from "Pearls of Wisdom - Harish Johari on Health" - Interview with Harish Johari by Carrie Angus, M.D, February/March 1997.

Having proper output means not only breathing right, but also having a regular bowel movement. Constipation is the most dangerous thing for the body. Ninety-nine percent of diseases in man are due to constipation. It happens when we don't have proper circulation of food material, by not drinking enough water, or by not being open and rejecting the used food material.

When I came to America I said to people, "As you know, it is very important to get up early in the morning and go to the toilet." Everyone looked at me like I was saying something wrong. I said, "What is the matter, why do you look at me like this?". They said, "We don't go to toilet every day." I said, "Why not? You have to." Then I said, "How many of you do not?" And they all raised their hands and said they don't go to toilet every day---sometimes once in two days, sometimes once in three days. It's not regular. And I said, "You're all sick and that's why there are bad smells in the room. So please open the windows !"

I don't understand how people can come here and teach anybody meditation or any spiritual thing. Meditation can only be done when the stomach is clear and clean, when there are no toxins in the body. No meditation is possible if you have not been to the toilet. After the toilet you should sit down and meditate and connect yourself with the source from which our energy comes, rather than waking up in panic, and trying to reconnect yourself with yesterday by remembering the past day and night. Then you should have breakfast and get busy with whatever you have to do.

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Peter MarchandThis page was written by Peter Marchand, based on the "Dhanwantari" book by Harish Johari, an incredible guideline to a more healthy, spiritual and happy lifestyle.

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