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Click to see a larger image of this painting of the sounds of the chakrasThe chakras are subtle centers of transformation located within the cerebrospinal system. According to Hindu tradition, all fifty sounds of the Sanskrit language exist within the chakras of the human body. When we speak, we do so not only through the vocal cords and throat, but also through the articulation of the chakras.

Good and bad music directly and profoundly affects the body's seven subtle psychic energy centers, called chakras, which are spinning energy wheels arranged vertically up the spine from sacrum to crown. The chakras are the playground of the elements. They are interrelated with the parasympathetic, sympathetic, and autonomous nervous systems, and thus the gross body is related to them.

The particular sounds given for chakra meditation are those that energize each of the psychic centers respectively. One begins by chanting the "Petal" sounds of the chakras - those sounds that energize the ganglia of this chakra plexus. The petal sounds are followed by the bija, or essential "seed" sound of the chakra. This same sequence is then repeated for chakras two, three, four, five, and six.

Chanting of the sounds of the chakras should be practiced in a comfortable posture, preferably seated on a mat or rug of organic material, with a lighted candle or oil lamp in the room. Each of the petal sounds is chanted once, pausing for a deep breath between sounds The bija "seed" sound may be chanted three or more times.

If you like to know more and hear some of the chakra sounds, you can download the following mp3 files :

Introduction on using Chakra Sounds - by Harish Johari - 2 minutes, 7 seconds - 1,985 MB : free download

Introduction on the Sounds of the First Chakra - by Harish Johari - 1 minute, 24 seconds - 1,314 MB : free download

The Sounds of the First Chakra - by Harish Johari - 1 minute, 56 seconds - 1,813 MB : free download

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Wil GeraetsText and mp3 audio are extracted from the "Sounds of the Chakras" audio tape by Harish Johari. It contains both information on the chakra sounds as well as the bija and petal sounds of all chakras.

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