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The Gini and the Pole

This is a story about the mind (the wishfulfilling and ever restless Genie) and the way to controll it by repetition of a mantra or japa :

A merchant who was vacationing in a small village went to see the village market. He was fascinated to see people from the vicinity selling in their small stalls whatever they had - and people buying whatever they needed. No big signboards, no structured shops, yet everything was available in abundance.

At one place he saw a man with a Ginie and he asked, "What are you selling my friend?" "My Ginie," replied the man. "What does it do?" "Everything you want gets done. It makes impossible possible." "Then why do you sell it?" "Because I have no ambitions left." "And what you ask for it?" "One who can keep it?" "Is it difficult?" "Yes. Very difficult. It is a wish-fulfilling Ginie, but it is very exhausting. It cannot stay idle and all the time needs a new job, a new project, otherwise it destroys thrice of that it creates. I bought it because I was ambitious. I wanted everything and it brought everything I wanted, but I could not provide him any job when my ambitions were fulfilled and it destroyed everything I asked him to create for me. It ruined me and now it creates problems because I have no job, no project for him. I have undertaken the job of disposing it off as soon as I find a buyer to keep him busy."

"I have lots of ambitions, lots of jobs to be done. I have thousands of persons working for me round the clock in different parts of the world. Maybe I can employ your Ginie, what do I have to pay if I buy it?" "I will take whatever you will give me." "O.k. then I buy it," said the merchant.

At that moment the Ginie opened its' mouth and said, "You have heard the condition on which I can accept to work for you." "Yes, I did," said the merchant. "Think about it once more before you finalize the deal," said the Ginie. I will do whatever you will like me to do, but if you fail to provide me some engagement I will destroy you, your wealth, and your family - everything…." "I agree to it. I have enough jobs for you. You will not be disappointed."

And the merchant got hold of the Ginie who obediently followed him. When they reached the place where the merchant stayed the Ginie said,"Now, Sir, tell me what I can do for you." "Yes, I have to tell you your job. There is so much to be done that you will get tired. I have lots of land in different countries, which needs to be properly guarded by a boundary wall and each one of those plots of land need to be marked with labels of what they are sites off - I will have to show it to you on the map."

"No use," said the Ginie. "Why? How otherwise you will know about their location? And how will you reach there to work?" asked the merchant. "I work with the map of those places in your mind. I do not need any outside assistance or visual aid to know about their location and the purpose for which they are bought by you," replied the Ginie. "Wonderful, wonderful," said the merchant. "Do you know all which I have in my mind?" "Yes, I do. But I will only do what you will ask me to do. You have to say it clearly in the least possible words. The details of it I will know through your mind. You will see for yourself that everything I do for you will correspond hundred percent with your specification. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, but before enjoying it you have to tell me the next job. Whenever you fail to do so it will be your last day or my last day to work for you."

"That is very clear, now listen, your first job, as I told you, is to build boundary walls and mark the sites. When you have finished the job assigned to you I will give you further instructions," said the merchant.

"That's all," said the Ginie and it clapped and said, "All your sites have been enclosed safely within the boundary walls of your choice and each one has been marked with labels like 'Site of the Supermarket ','Site for Theatre Hall' etc. as you wanted. Now tell me the next job."

The merchant did not know the speed with which the Ginie worked. It did not have to personally go near those places where it was supposed to work. The job was done in such a small fraction of time that the merchant got shocked. He could not think of any thing except that when the Ginie can construct boundary walls in such a short span of time it also could build factories, theatre halls, swimming pools and big hotels on those sites which were meant for them. The merchant after having decided the next job for the Ginie said, "you are really a wishfulfilling Ginie, I am happy to have you. Now your next job is to create the buildings on these sites for which they are marked. Arrange and organize them and let them start functioning. You will need some money to organize them, buy raw material and furnishing material etc."

"I do not need anything, only your orders," said the Ginie and clapped again and said, "It is done my master. The factories are running with the help of very competent staff. The theatre halls are making very good business. The swimming pool and the market complexes are crowded with people. Your farms are under the supervision of well informed hard working farmers. Very soon you will be the richest person of the planet earth."

"Fantastic," said the merchant with joy. "Now I want to become also the most powerful man of the age. I will like you to make me the king of this world. Build for me a unique palace, better then any palace which has existed so far. Make it beautifully decorated by fine art work of the great masters. When all countries accept me as their solemn monarch, organize for a nice and big celebration for my coronation. Prepare special dresses for me, my wife and my son. Invite poets, musicians, entertainers, cooks and make a big feast. Invite the important persons of all my subordinate countries and build nice guest houses where anyone gets what they need in their own settings. Let poets compose verses, musicians sing and make music, let the dancers dance and entertainers entertain. I want everything absolutely new and original - that is your next project."

"Your orders will be carried out my master, "said the Ginie and clapped again and said, "You have been accepted as the solemn monarch of planet Earth. All countries have accepted your subordination according to your terms and conditions. Your palace is there in front of you in the best location one could imagine. It is well furnished. The guest houses have been built for the dignitaries of the different countries and equipped in their traditional design. Feast is going on. Cooks are preparing the choicest dishes for the guests. Entertainers are entertaining, musicians are making music and dancers are dancing. Very soon your coronation ceremony will take place. Your dress and crown are right here, dress yourself up and enjoy being the most powerful and important person of planet Earth. But… before you leave, please tell me my next job."

The merchant became numb. He had nothing more to achieve… all his desires were fulfilled and he remembered the warning given by the Ginie. He got scared of a very sad end of his life at the same moment when he is at the peak of his progress. He felt his heart will jump out of his body… or sink… and he felt as if he was going to faint and fall down. Drops of perspiration started dripping down his forehead.

Suddenly he remembered a face which once promised to help him in an odd time. He told the Ginie , "Before I become the emperor of the planet Earth I would like to get the blessings of my teacher by whose grace I found you, who helped me to acquire what I wanted. Please take me to his cave in the holy mountains of Himalayas." "As you wish," said the Ginie and clapped.

The merchant was instantaneously transported to the cave of the holy man who once met him in his journey to the holy mountains and had promised to help him. He asked the Ginie, "And how will I come back to my coronation place after I have received the blessing and the advice of the holy man?" "You will be taken back as soon as you finish. I will stand here and wait for you," said the Ginie. "No, you should go back and supervise the preparations. Can't you arrange for some transportation for me? "asked the merchant. "Nothing is faster then me," replied the Ginie. "I will supervise all preparations from here. Just come out and clap and you will find me." "O.k.," said the merchant and rushed toward the entrance of the cave.

"Bless me my master, bless me for I am going to be the crowned emperor of the world from today," said the merchant and entered the cave. The holy man was sitting naked on his straw mat. He greeted the merchant with a big smile and raised his hands in the gesture of granting fearlessness. The merchant reached near him and kneeled to touch his holy feet and said in very low voice," save me, my preceptor, I am in great trouble because I bought a wishfulfilling Ginie this morning and within no time all my desires got fulfilled. Within a short time I became the richest man and now they are going to crown me. I have everything I want, yet I have a great problem. I bought this Ginie on a condition that I will have to keep him engaged. The minute I fail to provide him with a job he will destroy three times of what he has created. Now I do not know what job should I tell him to keep him busy? And very soon he his going to destroy my wealth and ruin my family. Please help me! You promised me once when I met you here at this very place to help me whenever I am in an odd situation. Nothing could be more disastrous then the situation in which I am now. Now when I have everything within my reach I am standing on the edge of destruction."

"Don't care, my son. I will help you and save you from this Ginie. I have controlled all kinds of Ginies; it is very easy to provide him with a never ending job." "But I have very less time. People there are waiting for my coronation ceremony and the Ginie is waiting for a job. Please tell me the solution of my problem right now." "I will, but first relax," said the holy man. "I can not relax," I am agitated, anxious, excited and terribly disturbed and afraid. I have come to your refuge. Save me and tell me what I have to tell him," said the merchant.

"Listen carefully, my son. When you reach your place ask the Ginie to bring the biggest bamboo pole he can get and then order him to plant it inside the ground very firm and tight. After the pole is firmly fixed to the ground ask the Ginie to climb it up and down until further orders. This will keep him busy and you will enjoy your kingdom undisturbed and fearlessly."

The merchant was astonished at the presence of mind of this simple man. The solution he suggested was also as simple as him. He paid his homage to the holy man and said, "how stupid I am that I could not think of such a simple solution." "When one is obsessed by fear and anxiety one can not think of such simple solutions. First you were blinded by your ambitions and you bought the Ginie. When the Ginie became too fast in fulfilling your desires you got scared by his speed with which he carried out your orders then you got nervous by the imaginary fear of destruction. Be relaxed and remember your greatest helper and ask for his help. The one who helps us all is very near us. You don't have to cover such a long distance to find him. He will help you wherever you are stuck. Go now my son and feel free. I too have a Ginie and here is the pole for my Ginie, said the holy man and showed the merchant his rosary.

The merchant was released from his fear. He came out of the cave and walked straight to the Ginie who was waiting for him and said, "Take me back." "You are back," said the Ginie after the clapping. "Bring me the biggest and strongest bamboo pole you can find," said the merchant with authoritative voice. The Ginie noticed the changed in him, clapped and said, "here it is." "Fix it firmly in the ground," ordered the merchant. "It is fixed," said the Ginie. "Then just go up and come down, up and down, until I give you a new job."

The Ginie had no choice. He went up the pole and came down. It was a never ending job and he was bound by his contract. The merchant was now free to enjoy his newly achieved kingdom.

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This is an unpublished story by Harish Johari, author of the wonderful story book "The Monkeys and the Mango Tree". It contains 25 beautifully illustrated tales that offer a lot of wisdom too. Click here for all extracts of this book.

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