To spread the original, universal and eternal truth, path or law of yoga, which remains forever the same in essence, yet always adapts to the time and place.

Baba Dwarka Das was one of the teachers of Harish Johari and of many of his students. He lived a simple life in the Gauri Shankar temple of Bareilly and was the spiritual caretaker of the local community.

Baba Dwarka Das left his body in 1998. More background information on Baba Dwarka Das is coming, but following are already some pictures and also a series of paintings of Baba Dwarka Das by Pieter Weltevrede :

Baba Dwarka Das Painting Series :


Baba Dwarka Das Pictures

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Peter MarchandThis introduction to Baba Dwarka Das was written by Peter Marchand, who also wrote these books : "The Yoga of the Nine Emotions" and "The Yoga of Truth".

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