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Introduction to the Gospel of Thomas


49. Jesus said, "Congratulations to those who are alone and chosen, for you will find the kingdom. For you have come from it, and you will return there again."

Interpretation :

When you can remain detached (alone) and you have acquired sufficient good karma, then you are sufficiently connected inside so you can get the help needed (are chosen). Then you will reach enlightenment (find the kingdom). You originate from the Supreme (come from it) and your natural course is to return to it (will return again).

55. Jesus said, "Whoever does not hate their father and mother cannot be my disciple, and whoever does not hate brothers and sisters, and carry the cross as I do, will not be worthy of me."

Interpretation :

To be a disciple, one has to leave ones attachments behind, also to family (father, mother, brothers, sisters). This is the cross of detachment that the worthy disciple has to carry.

75. Jesus said, "There are many standing at the door, but those who are alone will enter the bridal suite."

Interpretation :

Many disciples want to unite all opposites and find enlightenment (many standing at the door). But only those that are fully detached (who are alone) can find it (enter the bridal suite), can unite consciousness and energy into the Supreme.

99. The disciples said to him, "Your brothers and your mother are standing outside." He said to them, "Those here who do what my Father wants are my brothers and my mother. They are the ones who will enter my Father's kingdom."

Interpretation :

The disciples inform Jesus that his blood relatives (brothers and mother) are outside and thus he should give attention to them. Jesus answers that only those who seek the truth (do what my Father wants) are his relatives (are my brothers and mother) and need his attention. They are the ones who will find enlightenment (enter the kingdom).

101. "Whoever does not set aside father and mother as I do cannot be my [disciple], and whoever does [not] love [father and] mother as I do cannot be my [disciple]. For my mother [...], but my true [mother] gave me life."

Interpretation :

Whoever cannot detach from their blood relatives (does not set aside father and mother) as Jesus has done (as I do) cannot be a true student of truth (my disciple). And whoever does not love the pure consciousness (the father) and the pure energy (the mother) as Jesus does (as I do) cannot be a true student of truth (my disciple). For while Maria (my mother) gave birth to my body, the true universal mother energy gave me the life force or prana (life).

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