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Introduction to the Gospel of Thomas


19. Jesus said, "Congratulations to the one who came into being before coming into being. If you become my disciples and pay attention to my sayings, these stones will serve you. For there are five trees in Paradise for you; they do not change, summer or winter, and their leaves do not fall. Whoever knows them will not taste death."

Interpretation :

Blessed is the self as the Supreme, who was before it ever manifested (came into being before coming into being). In the undivided Supreme Being ( Paradise ), the 5 elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space - (five trees) exist as one element beyond the elements, which in Hindu scriptures is called Mahatattva, the element associated with the 6th chakra. Within this supreme element, the five elements are ever unchanging (do not change, summer or winter), ever in peaceful paradise, never disturbed (their leaves do not fall). The one who can master the five elements (knows them) will master all matter (the stones will serve you) and need not fear death (will not taste death) as this element never dies. It is this mastery that allows an enlightened being to take any form at will.

48. Jesus said, "If two make peace with each other in a single house, they will say to the mountain, 'Move from here!' and it will move."

Interpretation :

There are no limits to what one can do (move a mountain) if one can be fully at peace within oneself, joining the inner opposite forces of consciousness and energy, purusha and prakriti (the two making peace in a single house).

84. Jesus said, "When you see your likeness, you are happy. But when you see your likeness that came into being before you and that neither dies nor becomes visible, how much you will have to bear!"

Interpretation :

When you look into the mirror (see your likeness) then you naturally love your image (you are happy). So when you will recognize yourself as the self, the source of your being (the likeness that came into being before you) and neither mortal nor manifested (that neither dies nor becomes visible), how much love will you feel (how much will you have to bear) ? Of course, some people hate themselves when looking in the mirror, precisely because the form they see is limited, imperfect, mortal and they have difficulty accepting that. But when they will find the self, only love will be available, because they will see how unlimited, perfect and eternal they really are.

106. Jesus said, "When you make the two into one, you will become children of Adam, and when you say, 'Mountain, move from here!' it will move."

Interpretation :

When consciousness and energy, purusha and prakriti (the two) finally become one (into one), then we become like the first man (Adam), untainted by division (before tasting the apple). Then also the full potential of magical powers that we all possess is realized and we will be able for example to move mountains.

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