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29. Jesus said, "If the flesh came into being because of spirit, that is a marvel, but if spirit came into being because of the body, that is a marvel of marvels. Yet I marvel at how this great wealth has come to dwell in this poverty."

Interpretation :

Jesus is rather laughing here at those who believe that consciousness is just a byproduct of matter, appearing to follow their point of view, yet ridiculing it at the same time. The body and the entire universe of names and forms are a product of the self, the Supreme only (flesh came into being because of the spirit), which is an incredible miracle indeed (a marvel), but nevertheless true. For the self to be a product of the body (spirit came into being because of the body) is too much of a miracle to be true (a marvel of marvels), because then one cannot understand (must marvel) at how the greatness of the self (this great wealth) can originate from the smallness of the body (dwell in this poverty). How could such richness grow out of such poorness ?

44. Jesus said, "Whoever blasphemes against the Father will be forgiven, and whoever blasphemes against the son will be forgiven, but whoever blasphemes against the holy spirit will not be forgiven, either on earth or in heaven."

Interpretation :

Supreme consciousness (the holy spirit) is the one above all and should always be respected, whoever you are (whether you are on earth like a man or in heaven like a god). Even the creator of this world (the Father) stands below it. And so does the individual self (the son), the spark of supreme consciousness.

77. Jesus said, "I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained. You will not find me in a house of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there."

Interpretation :

The self is the truth (light) that is within and beyond everything (over all things). It is everything (I am all), the source (from me all came forth) and the objective (to me all attained). It cannot be found in a construction, a technique, a body of concepts, a church (a house of wood and stone). Yet it is (I am there) within (split it) and underneath (lift it) everything.

83. Jesus said, "Images are visible to people, but the light within them is hidden in the image of the Father's light. He will be disclosed, but his image is hidden by his light."

Interpretation :

The manifested universe (images) is visible, but the self (the light) within them is hidden in the form (the image), which is created by the Supreme (of the father's light). The Supreme (he) will be revealed (disclosed), but the form of the Supreme (his image) will ever stay hidden by the Supreme (his light), as the seer can never see itself.

96. Jesus [said], "The Father's kingdom is like [a] woman. She took a little leaven, [hid] it in dough, and made it into large loaves of bread. Anyone here with two ears had better listen!"

Interpretation :

Enlightenment and the self (the kingdom) lie hidden inside the body (as the leaven in bread). It is not seen, but it truly creates the body (as the leaven creates the bread). The one who can hear needs to also listen.

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