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Prana Calendar
for getting in tune with your Moon energies.

To synchronize the breath with the lunar rhythm is to align oneself with a profound life-giving energy. The Moon is not just a mass of matter floating in space. It influences the fluids of the body, which form the essence of our body chemistry.

The nostrils are directly related to the cycles of the Moon. During the ascending and descending lunar cycles, the left and right nostrils are alternatingly dominant. The different speeds of Earth and Moon create a complicated pattern. Not every Moon date corresponds with the sunrise point on which we base our usual calendars. For this reason, one should consult a Prana Calendar. To know which nostril should be open at sunrise and eventually correct it by lying on the other side or through another method, the Prana Calendar is an esential tool.

The Prana Calendar values depend however on where you live. Click here for the current versions available.

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Introduction to the Prana Calendar extracted from "Breath, Mind and Consciousness" , which contains 37 activity descriptions for left nostril dominance and 40 for right nostril dominance, as well as a lot more detailed information on Swara Yoga techniques. Click here for all extracts from this book.

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